Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Sausage Dogs

Hello fellow people! Over the holidays I have had many momentous occasions to take photos and as the holidays near to an end its time to make the most of the free days I have left. I spent today with my friend Fran and her adorable puppies Snoopy and Lola; they are the cutest little sausage dogs ever! I couldn't resist myself and had to capture some moments with them. I am wearing my living doll jumper, polka dot skirt and peter pan collared top. Aw just look at them! These dogs are to die for!

Tiarna, x


  1. Lovely pictures!! The dog is adorable :)


  2. awww, those pics are so cute! love your dogs <3

    1. aw thankyou! they're my friend's dogs actually but I wish they were mine! :)

    2. Piggy you look adorable! I love your outfit. Thanks for the commenting on my post! x

  3. Aww, adorable ! ^^ Your photos are amazing too, you look like a pretty doll ♥ And so stylish one, I read some of your previous posts too and you look great :>

    Thank you so much for joining my followers :) I use Bloglovin' myself (because GFC hasn't worked properly), and followed you there even though you're not listed yet. But anytime you want you can claim the blog to be yours with simple step.

    Have a lovely day, and visit me anytime you want !

    Indie by Heart