Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Breaking away from the past few days of beautiful sunshine, today was a windy and chilly day. It was a great time to walk out in my new autumn closet! The day consisted of shopping through op shops with my best friend in the whole entire world, sculling Zarrafa's caramel fusions and walking 10 kilometres to purchase a fruit salad. I bought so many bargains down at the op shops and sewed them up to create a whole new vintage wardrobe for me to sport in the future. I am featured in my dress I made, my black beret, my living doll jumper, black tights and a white scarf. It felt so good to get dressed up finally out of the summer clothing. As Autumn continues so does the expansion of my closet!

Tiarna, x


  1. Super pretty pictures, that dress is darling!
    X Jane

  2. Looks like you guys had fun. You look stunning in these photos, gorgeous dress. and I love your hair!