Friday, May 25, 2012

Olden Days

First of all, I would like to apoligise for not posting anything in ages! May has been busy with eisteddfods and other commitments, so the ability to sew and take pictures has not been too high. So I am ever so sorry to all of you for just making you sit around and ponder on whether I have dropped off the face of the planet! I'm here! I was experimenting on a day I had off and found some incredibly old clothing. Feeling for a risk and huge sense of vintage I put on these high waist, long bright orange pants in huge contrast to my bleak grey top. I did my hair in a way I believe people would've done it in about the 1800's! Haha! It was just one of those moods.

Tiarna, x


  1. Wow you look gorgeous-your eyes are such a lovely color.

    Also I like your pants! I wish I could pull that off.

    1. Thankyou, and the pants were a huge fashion risk!

  2. Your pants are lovely!


  3. You are so gorgeous! You remind me of Lana Del Rey.<3

    Greta xoxo