Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mustard shirts and Straw Hats

Imagine you're sitting alone, bored out of your brains with nothing to do. What do you do to solve this problem? I have the solution: Dress well and use your canon to take appealing pictures. That is exactly what I did! I am featured in my mustard yellow top which I snagged out an op shop (quite the bargain), my polka dot high waist skirt, a black knitted beret and my classic straw hat. I seated myself right on top of my little boxed cabinet and sunk into the beauty of this vintage look. It's quite a nice, sophisticated look and one that I think I will be sporting more often. So the next time you're bored with nothing to do, find something classy and dress up just to escape reality for a while.

Tiarna, x

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